Tuesday, May 8, 2012


all my instagram

ah okay so here is an update on my life the past week or so, since graduation and all that jazz. I'm always updating on instagram and twitter so be sure to follow me there! and definitely trying to get some posting in between all the packing :)

  1. wearing Jewelmint stacked rings
  2. smiling in Sedona, AZ
  3. the most amazing stone/bead store in Sedona (I came home with a chakra alignment necklace, shark teeth and clear quartz)
  4. American Apparel shorts studded (shown here)
  5. relaxation at a park in Tempe, AZ
  6. my going away cake at a work party :(
  7. Firesky resort in Scottsdale, AZ
  8. Planet Blue hair ties for summer (available here)
  9. DRAGON FRUIT vodka! cocktail recipe in the near future...
  10. Firesky resort by night
  11. smiles by the pool
  12. Free People dreamcatcher bracelet & manicure