Sunday, February 5, 2012

let's talk breakfast: quinoa

ph: my own

Part one of my "Let's Talk Breakfast" Sunday series (if you follow me via Twitter / Facebook you knew this was coming.) I wanted to do this series because as some of you may remember I am a nutrition major... the #1 question people ask: what should I eat, how can I lose weight? Eat breakfast. Get your metabolism going and curve your 11:00 AM munchies.

Do you like oatmeal? If you do, you'll really like this quinoa-as-oatmeal recipe. Why did I decide to 'go all hipster' and substitute quinoa for oats? Well, quinoa is a complete protein, gluten-free, filled with iron and fiber. All of the good stuff that most people unconsciously skip throughout the day. Plus it's such a versatile, easy cooking and fairly cheap item to keep in your pantry.

Quinoa 'Oatmeal'
  1. 1/4 cup cooked quinoa (cook according to box instructions)
  2. skim milk, for texture
  3. 1 tbsp apple sauce
  4. honey, to taste
  5. cinnamon, to taste
  6. handful of chopped walnuts, optional
  7. dollap of greek yogurt (I used non-fat vanilla, honey/plain would be good too)
  8. banana slices + blueberries
  1. Cook your quinoa according to the box instructions [you can use the red quinoa variation too]; while the quinoa is still hot add in small amounts [tsp at a time] of skim milk + stir until you get an oatmeal-like consistency to your liking.
  2. Mix in the applesauce, honey and cinnamon.
  3. Chop your walnuts, sprinkle them into your bowl.
  4. Add a dollap of greek yogurt, this is for flavor and a creamier consistency.
  5. Add some fruit, I used banana and blueberries but strawberries/raspberries would be delicious too!
Happy Sunday