Saturday, February 4, 2012


all of my instagrams

  1. beautiful arizona sunset
  2. latest manicure with planet blue bracelets
  3. this week's vintage finds
  4. fun pedicure!
  5. poolside with my round sunglasses 
  6. wearing my butterfly kimono also shown in this post
  7. oracle fox x billabong t-shirt
  8. steve madden jazie loafers

my apologies for not having the time to take some personal photo posts lately! I'll have so much more free time when 2 of my classes are over February 24th! (can't wait) But I'm always posting bits + pieces of my day on instagram which you can also follow via my twitter!

I guess this personal post would also be a good time to announce to you my move to Santa Monica in May! I am beyond excited, still haven't figured out logistics but it's happening... And I can't wait to begin a new beachy life