Saturday, December 24, 2011

latest favorite manicures

all photos are my instagrams

If you follow me on twitter you probably know I'm a little OCD about my nails. My sister and I love experimenting with new designs + whatnot. I've gotten a lot of questions on the "half moon" trend that I always do - it's so simple!
  1. paint full nail with a lighter color base coat.
  2. let dry completely.
  3. use a binder reinforcement to place on top of nail, placing the end of it (closer to the tip of your nail) wherever you want your new color to start.
  4. carefully paint the bottom half of your nail with another color.
  5. let dry for a few minutes and peel off the reinforcement with a set of tweezers (just to ensure you don't mess your new nails up!
  6. done and done!

The studded manicure above is really simple too - my sister bought microbeads from the craft store and I just haphazardly sprinkled them over my wet nails, let them sit and painted a clear coat over. It would probably look cool to do a design with the beads but I was just anxious to see if it worked :)
P.S. the knuckle ring in the last photo is from Planet Blue.

oh yeah MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE! what are your plans?!