Thursday, June 23, 2011

summer solstice yoga

I told you guys about the Times Square Alliance Mind Over Madness yoga event in NY a few days ago and here are some photos... over 4,000 people participated this year!!! I have photos from last year's event posted on the "yogi" page too. This year they gave away free yoga mats, water bottles, coconut water, chapstick, yoga passes throughout studios in all of NYC!

This year I went with my sister, her boyfriend and my best friend... it was so much fun, we did the bikram class. Are any of you into yoga? It's the only time I can truly let myself go. And meditating in the middle of Times Square is definitely an experience!!

And if you practice yoga, I recommend the Be Present yoga pants, sooo comfortable! I'm wearing them in the maroon color I got off GiltGroup last year.

Almost the weekend ;)