Wednesday, May 4, 2011

recipe: conor's fresh mango chutney

at a dinner party about a week ago my friend conor brought over this mango chutney and it was literally gone within 10 minutes. huge hit!! and perfect for this season - fresh and super easy!

here's his recipe:
  1. place [cubed] mango and [chopped] onion in a bowl
  2. sprinkle on sugar and pour vinegar over the mix
  3. let stand 5 minutes
  4. and the rest of the ingredients
  5. mix well
  6. ENJOY!
easy enough?! perfect for a summer dinner party / barbeque ;) thanks conor!
*we served the chutney with little pieces of toast, the second time around we added shrimp and then put the chutney on top... delicious!!

--- rememeber this recipe will be saved in the foodie page of dragon fruit!