Wednesday, March 30, 2011

DIY: Box Braid Necklace

I remember years ago in day camp when I would play with lanyard all day and make hundreds of bracelets, learning new stitches was always so fun :) This DIY totally brought back memories... Thanks again to honestlywtf! Inspired by Phillip Lim's Box Braid Collar Necklace:

 What you'll need: 12 yards of micro fiber faux suede (Erica highly recommends using this because it's super soft, flexible and easy to work with) 4 rubber bands and an assortment of small, medium and large washers.

I love it! Such a fun project to work on, and easy too!

Remember it will be saved in the DIY: Projects page of Dragon Fruit.

Going away for the weekend, again! Off to the island of Madeira ;)
Looking foward to some serious sunshineee.

(This is why I need an iphone, so I can post while on adventures!)
Hope you all have fabulous weekends <3