Friday, January 14, 2011

Right Through The Very Heart Of It, New York New York

Some photos to share with you of today - spent the day with my mom: yoga, good food, wine tasting (which I didn't get any shots of unfortunately), and our lovely outfits!
(It was SO cold today though... cannot wait  for Spring! And/or to be in Portugal where it's warmer!)

I'm laughing because I'm so not a model but hey, it's all in good fun. And, how stylish is my mother? Beautiful huh! (I made her take her coat off in the freezing cold because I love her blazer.) I'm not wearing anything new, but I love these colors.
boots: nine west. legging/skirt: victorias secret. red sweater: thrift.
parka: F21. purse: F21. scarf: gift from Isreal

Ever had a fried egg on a burger before? Probably not... Let me tell you, it's delicious. Not for the health conscious, though. We went to RESTO on e. 29th & madison - their slogan is literally, "bringing fat back." This was seriously so good though, if you are in NYC and craving a great burger,
I would really recommend it.

Went to a yoga class at LAUGHING LOTUS - I love this studio. I posted about it here and here too, if you want more info. I took more pictures today that I'm going to save in the yogi page of Dragon Fruit.

Yummy truffles and late from FIKA ESPRESSO BAR to end our day.

Hope your weekends are fantastic. I appreciate all your support - I love hearing from you :)