Saturday, January 29, 2011

Featuring: Fabrico Infinito

I found this boutique when I was walking around my neighborhood in Lisbon today. They call it a, "concept shop and galeria." Every piece inside is a piece of wearable art. They range from clothes to accessories to home decor and books. This shop is a gem inside of Lisboa and I'm extremely happy to have found it and to share it with you, if you're ever in Lisboa...*

paint splattered button-up (i love!), the most glamourous robe, ocean headphones, the funkiest suit, necklaces + corked rings!, clutch that sparkles, art on a chair and a view of Lisboa.

"There is the work of perform what the talent imagined.  And there is sweat, errors, disillusion.  But also joy and satisfaction by fulfill a design, an appeal that comes from inside.  The satisfaction of a "must" fulfilled.  It forms of talk between who produces and who consume." fabrico infinito

RUA DOM PEDRO V, 74, 1250-094 LISBOA
#              +351      21      246      76      29